META Sued by 42 States for Allegedly Harming Teenagers


US States Filed Lawsuit

Forty-two states in the United States have filed a lawsuit against Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, alleging that the company has caused harm to teenagers in the country.

The lawsuit, which was filed on Tuesday in a California federal court, accuses Meta of violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and designing its social media platforms to be addictive for teenagers.

The states allege that Meta has knowingly concealed the dangers of its social media platforms, particularly for teenagers.

The Claims – META Harm To Mental Health

They claim that the company’s algorithms and design features are designed to keep teenagers hooked on its platforms, even when it is causing harm to their mental health.

Meta has denied the allegations in the lawsuit, saying that it is committed to providing teenagers with a safe and positive online experience. The company says that it is working with other companies in the industry to develop age-appropriate standards for social media platforms.

META (Instagram) Was Aware of Causing Harm

The lawsuit comes two years after a Wall Street Journal investigation revealed that Meta was aware of the harm that Instagram was causing to teenagers in terms of body image and mental health.

The investigation found that Meta had conducted its own internal research that showed that Instagram use was associated with increased rates of suicide and eating disorders among teenage girls.

Tech Giants Faces Legal Challenges

The lawsuit against Meta is the latest in a series of legal challenges facing the tech giant. Meta is currently facing antitrust investigations in the United States and Europe, and it is also the subject of several class-action lawsuits related to privacy and data protection.

The outcome of the lawsuit against Meta could have significant implications for the social media industry. If the states are successful, it could force Meta to make changes to its social media platforms to make them safer for teenagers.

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